Sweet Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone!

If you’re anything like us, Sundays are super busy with all kind of things to get ready for the week coming up. My days start at 3am so scrambling around is not an option!

My colleagues at work have a serious sweet tooth so they get to enjoy the fruits of my Sunday baking.

This week was a wonderful strawberry cream cake that I found on pintrest.


My first time really getting to use my stand mixer was great but I’m not the best at making my own whipped cream

I’ve learned the hard way to always make sure your cake pan is oiled or buttered up!

Finished product!

Hope you got to relax….See you later this week!!


Random veggie challenge #1

 So for our first random veggie challenge we decided to try lemon and herb squash spaghetti with roasted shrimp, not my idea but it’s a start. It didn’t take long to prepare once the squash came out of the oven and tasted better than expected. We didn’t have actual lemons so we substituted them with 2 tbsp of lemon juice (which may have been too much). The sauce gave everything a very light taste. It’s gluten free and less than 400 hundred calories.

 To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect, I don’t remember the last time I’d had squash and I don’t think I’d ever had squash spaghetti so when Viqutoria told me what she had planned for our first RVC I was a bit skeptical. Nevertheless it was chance to cut my culinary teeth on something outside the ordinary so we dove right in and came out with something new in our repertoire. Next time I might try it with my spaghetti sauce!

  One squash will give you enough noodles for 3-4 people, and I suggest roasting 10 shrimp per person. This would make an excellent dinner party dish as it does not require an extraordinary amount of attention and is quite fun to make as well as impressive.

 Protip: Prep everything beforehand but wait until everyone has arrived before you begin baking the squash so you can ensure it will be hot when served. Set out a loaf of French bread with butter or dip for your guests so you can all munch in the meantime.

 The hardest part was cutting the squash.

  The second hardest was scooping out the noodles once the squash had finished baking simply because it was hard to get a good grip on it. You’ll want to go easy on the sauce or you’ll completely drown your dish like we did. Two or three scoops with a regular spoon should flavor everything without turning it into soup.

 And as always, cooking is easier with an assistant. You can find the full recipe here http://www.eat-yourself-skinny.com/2016/02/lemon-and-herb-spaghetti-squash-with-roasted-shrimp.html

Becoming the Man I Need to Be.

Hi there everyone,

I’m Alex, Viqutoria’s boyfriend of four years, and I’ll be posting on the blog as well from now on as I have become the primary chef of the house. I’ve also become the luckiest househusband in the world thanks to the love and support I receive from my amazing gal. It was a bit unexpected that I take on and excell in this role since I’ve never cooked real meals until now and I’ve certainly never been good about cleaning up the house until now. A couple things led to this transition, I certainly can’t overlook how awesome and beautiful our new apartment is, but mainly it was Viqutoria’s love and support for my happiness and fulfillment of my potential. She works incredibly hard to ensure I don’t have to go back to working corrections and can go to school instead, and all she asks in return is to keep our amazing apartment clean and to keep her food dish full. I’ll mostly be posting about how I do the latter, but will occasionally post tips on how to be a good househusband/wife, relationship advice, and silly stories. Hope you all enjoy my recipes, and I hope they turn out as well for you as they did for me!

I’m BACK!!

So, after a year of night shift at the prison and lots of sleeping all the time, I have returned! Day shift, a great kitchen and the best assistant and up and coming spice expert Alex, have me feeling better and ready to rock in the kitchen.

Since the last post so many things have changed! We have moved back to Albuquerque, Alex has started the long path to a psychology degree….oh and did I mention that I’m GLUTEN FREE NOW?!?! Thanks to a wonderful doctor I am now feeling better than I have in YEARS!

The feeling great meant that all of my favorite recipes needed to be tweaked or trashed all together…..So I’ll be posting my new favorites, tips and all the neat things I find. If you have tips and awesome things please leave a comment or message!

Can’t wait to hear from you guys!


Worth their salt….

Just wanted to give a shout out to an amazing company I found while in Santa Fe with Alex and his parents Kim and Daryll.

Oleaceae olive oil has an awesome selection of olive oils and other goodies… But my favorite are the salts. Kentucky bourbon, chipotle bacon, and applewood smoked are a few that I use regularly.


Steak fries with chipotle bacon salt

Muffin tin cookies

So tonight I tried making cookies in a muffin tin, according to Pinterest it is a great way to keep size uniform and have moist cookies. Verdict is that while they are moist, with wonderful crunchy bottoms, but they ended up being very thick. So I guess it’s a draw. 

Hello world!

First post! Yay!

So, I’m a novice cook… Went from never cooking to oh crap I have to cook about two years ago. Thanks to phone calls to my granny and mom and a Paula Dean cookbook I’ve managed to become pretty decent…

This blog is an honest account of my failures and triumphs. No fancy kitchen, no real experience. Just trial error and a whole lot of Pinterest!